Belly Dance/Oriental Dance – Intermediate level


Belly dance is a type of feminine dance with millenary roots dating back to the ancient Middle East, more specifically Egypt, through various peoples and civilizations. It was practiced in honor of the Great Goddess and her creative force and has many styles and variants. It has conquered practitioners all across the word for its benefits in terms of well-being and self-confidence. 


In these classes, we will interpret the Arabic rhythms and melodies through the natural movements of the body, focusing on basic movements such as the accentuation of the hips or ondulating arms, hands and torso. 


The classes are of intermediate level, aimed at all women with some experience in this type of dance who wish to evolve and perfect their technique. Classes will envolve exercises and choreographic sequences in order to develop musical interpretation with different rhytms and styles. Combined with a focus on flexibility and breathing, it also increases body awareness and concentration. 


Thursdays || 13H00 - 14h00 || with Suzanna Nahid || inscription needed