Yoga teaches, step by step, to be aware of the body of the mother and child in formation and, finally, to prepare natural childbirth in a positive way. Practice yoga during pregnancy promotes postpartum recovery more quickly and reliably, regardless of the type of delivery the mother chooses or can get. Basically, to harmonize the emotional instability common in this period, these classes especially promote the peace and inner harmony of the mother and the future to be in gestation.


These are special classes that include various breathing techniques and yoga postures that stimulate balance, stretching and muscle tone, as well as relaxation, physical, emotional and mental exercises. Through these exercises, the pregnant woman will be able to manage the levels of anxiety and stress caused by the day's agenda: on the one hand, for the numerous daily tasks that she will have to suspend, on the other, for the great biological and hormonal changes that the body is suffering During the several months of gestation.


It is recommended to start these yoga classes after 12 weeks of gestation, before it is not advised.